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Press release

TeleComputing changes its name to Visolit

(Oslo, 21. januar)
Following the acquisition of seven IT companies over the past year, the biggest cloud services operator in the Nordic region is changing its name.

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‘The market is changing, customers have different needs and we have changed too – this is why we are also changing our name,’ says the CEO of Visolit, Terje Mjøs. Since we were established in 1997, we have undergone major changes. We are a reliable partner providing secure IT operations, hybrid cloud services and the best advice when it comes to digitalisation. We help our customers to see which opportunities exist,’ says Mjøs.

In what is a competitive industry, Visolit wants to strengthen its position as the Nordic region’s leading IT environment for small and medium-sized enterprises.

‘The IT industry is tough and there are new companies emerging constantly. There aren’t many IT companies left that were around in the 90s, but we’re still going,’ says Mjøs.

Over the past year, the group has acquired seven companies and boosted its position as the leading company in the Nordic region providing hybrid cloud services. Visolit is growing quickly and has expanded its operations to include clients in the public sector, it has reinforced its industry expertise and has become a key partner in delivering digital transformation in the Nordic market.

Following the expansion of the company with important new skills and more resources, as well as an enhanced service portfolio, changing name is the natural next step.

‘Our chosen name, Visolit, says something important about who we are, where we come from and how we want to develop in future,’ Mjøs explains.

‘Together, we solve the customer’s challenges. Put simply, “We solve IT” - which is why we chose Visolit. It’s no coincidence that the first two letters in our name are VI, or in English “we”. Visolit should be the customer’s partner and our motto is “Every challenge needs a partner”. Regardless of the IT challenges customers face, Visolit should be their preferred partner. This applies to technology development, digitalisation and the company’s path to the cloud,’ says Mjøs.

Taking the step together with the customer

An increasing number of people are seeing the advantages of having a partner who can facilitate every aspect of IT operations, development and consultancy.

‘Every day, we see how important it is for our customers that we can manage the entire chain in terms of issues and challenges. Visolit’s extensive experience, strong industry knowledge and proximity to those we work with are all important to our customers,’ Mjøs emphasises.

‘Companies need a partner who can help them when it’s time to take the step into the cloud and digitalise their business. In an increasingly complex world, our IT experts become conductors who ensure all needs and systems play together flawlessly,’ says Mjøs.

First in the cloud

Today, most aspects of the IT industry involve cloud services. It was actually Visolit who first began working with cloud services in the Nordic region. When the company was founded in 1997, they launched these services so early on that the term ‘cloud services’ had not even been established. The technology group now has more than 1200 employees in 11 different locations throughout the Nordic region, with total revenues in excess of SEK 2.6 billion in 2018. The group delivers business value in IT operations, cloud services, security and digitalisation to more than 3000 customers.

The acquired companies include Digisys, Keystep, 99X, LanTeam and Excanto, as well as integration specialists iBiz Solutions, which will continue under separate brand name.